G-250 Eagle Ultra-Light Helicopter

Savback helicopters presents the G-250 Eagle ultra-light helicopter

“The G-250 Eagle ultra-light helicopter represents a step-forward for next generation, easy and quick, personal and private mobility helicopters.”

Ultra-Light helicopters are going to revolutionize the way we think of flying. As countries are realigning their regulations, the possibilities are changing, and the market is ready for the next step in personal flight convenience.

Using the latest mechanical and avionics technologies, combined with the experience of proven and talented aeronautical designers, engineers and craftsmen, we are proud to present the next-generation ultra-light helicopters.

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“A helicopter with high safety margins, versatile, low consumption, technologically advanced and with excellent performance and FADEC.”

  • Length (overall): 28,84 ft
  • Height (overall): 8,89 ft
  • Width (overall): 4,23 ft
  • Engine Control: FADEC
  • Engine: PBS Turboshaft TS100 DA
  • Horsepower: derated to 140 hp
  • MTOW: 1433
  • EW: 727 lb

  • Maximum Fuel Capacity: 45 US gal
  • Maximum Airspeed*: 105 kts
  • Maximum Range: 255 nm
  • Hover Ceiling IGE (1430 lb): 7000 ft
  • Hover Ceiling OGE (1320 lb): 7600 ft
  • Maximum Operating Altitude: 14000 ft
  • Nominal Voltage: 26 v

*aerodynamic limitation due to rotor blade airfoil

“The result of years of research, passion and dedication, creating a high performance product with a strictly ‘Made in Italy’ design.”


Years of research resulted in the innovative design of the G-250 Eagle. It combines ergonomics and passenger comfort. And optimizes aerodynamics whilst providing a light weight structure. Ensuring safety, quality of flight, harmony of its shape and detail accuracy.

From the first sketch, the G-250 Eagle is developed to guarantee a modern and unique helicopter, registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


The innovative and light weight turboshaft engine, offering up to 250 hp output, was provided in collaboration with PBS Velkà Bíteš, one of the most experienced companies in the field of engines. The turbine is an innovation in its sector, allowing for minimal fuel consumption, easy maintenance and low weights with high power.

It is designed to optimize space, and offer a compact and light drive system. This new engine interfacing is registered to the Italian Trademark Office (UIBM) as a utility model, and an innovative drive system.


The cockpit is designed to give passengers a spacious experience and is optimized for comfort.

The console is outfitted with Garmin, of which the upper part of the console includes all the avionics instruments, and the lower part provides access to all the switches, breakers and all commands to the avionics.

All instruments are located for optimized access and facilitate convenient use of all parts.


“The G-250 Eagle is able to provide a next-generation experience that brings freedom of movement, security, low cost, high reliability and low consumption rate.”

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