Empowering Commanders with Next-Generation AI and VTOL Integration

In the face of evolving global conflicts, military commanders require new tools that provide a strategic advantage while ensuring the swift, precise, and dependable execution of complex missions. Responding to this urgent need, Mayman Aerospace is working with partners at the forefront of Battlefield Management Systems (BMS). Our SKYFIELD™ AI-controlled navigation and control software, in combination with our high-speed RAZOR™ VTOL aircraft, will provide military commanders with compatible technology to deliver superior situational awareness and unmatched aerial efficiency, particularly in environments where GPS is denied or unreliable.




Advanced AI-Powered VTOL Battlefield Solution

Mayman Aerospace are pioneering the future of autonomous warfare with a family of cutting-edge high-speed VTOL aircraft. Redefining military capabilities in theater requires the seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence within existing intelligence, surveillance, navigation, control, and strategic frameworks. This integrated approach will assure operational synergy between their unmanned systems and BMS.

They are well advanced in their mission having designed, built and flight tested four full scale prototypes since completing their time at YCombinator in 2019 and securing US Dept of Defense contracts.

VTOL Platform – Strengthens Defense Capabilities

Utilizing an innovative and unique process, Mayman will leverage state-of-the-art AI to capture and analyze real-time data from their aircraft and BMS, instantly processing threats and providing actionable insights. By prioritizing the provenance, trust-ability, authenticity, and actionability of the data collected onboard the aircraft, and working within the context of the broader BMS, this platform will enable the swift execution of critical strategic and tactical operations. The SKYFIELD mesh will respond intelligently to command and control decisions with a high level of confidence, whether operated via Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) control or with full autonomy. In GPS-denied or C2-compromised environments, these aircraft are designed to act decisively and reliably in accordance with mission goals, while factoring the life-and-death stakes of the actions taken

The platform will be capable of directing squadrons of high-performance RAZOR Air Utility Vehicles (AUV) exceeding 1,000 aircraft. AUV variants will be specialized for a spectrum of missions from ISTAR and C-UAS operations, to missile strikes and cargo transport.

Vision for the Future of Battlefield Management

In the enhancement of existing autonomous capabilities, the vision of Mayman is to revolutionize how commanders plan, decide, and act in the face of modern warfare complexities. Combining AI-driven navigation and control with BMS, they will streamline operational command and transform battlefield dynamics. What was once operationally complex will become straightforward, and what could be overwhelming will now be manageable


Invention takes time

Mayman Aerospace was founded by David Mayman – entrepreneur, visionary, inventor, and passionate aviator. The company is building an ultra-small, Hyper-fast, heavy-lift VTOL aircraft called Razor AUV. Razor is setting the standard for an entirely new disruptive category of aircraft called Air Utility Vehicle. Based in Southern California, Mayman Aerospace is currently flight testing its third full-scale Razor prototype.

The company is currently working with the DoD and civilian operators to develop mission specific Razor configurations. The company is a Y Combinator graduate with lead investment from Draper Associates and Jaan Tallinn (co-founder of Skype). Total investment to date exceeds $6m.

• Real-Time Decision Support: Leveraging cutting-edge AI, will provide real-time, actionable recommendations, enabling commanders to deploy RAZORS for maximum impact.

• HITL oversight: Will combine AI precision with human judgment through an intuitive interface that allows commanders to deploy assets at the push of a button. Final authority rests with human operators.

• Adaptive Navigation in GPS-denied or compromised environments: Mayman Aerospace aircraft will be equipped with advanced systems for navigation and control, providing effective operation without GPS. This functionality is vital for reliability and precision in electronically contested or GPS denied areas.

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