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We are dedicated to developing the full potential of drones/UAVs and the advances being made in their design, safety and navigation systems. These aircraft are rapidly diversifying away from their mainly military mission origins.

Savback anticipated the rise of the drone, and we are ready to commercialise the market opportunities as we enter into a phase of enhanced innovation and operational integration. We are now working on a number of innovative and disruptive initiatives that we believe will ultimately define the drone market.

With our wealth of aviation experience we can assist in logistical planning for optimum siting of airstrips and integrated logistics hubs. Our involved ‘industry insider’ perspective and understanding of practical detail ensures that any consultation project of this nature takes all necessary factors challenges into consideration.

We are motivated by the incredible developments being made in this growing sector. We are invested in the UAV market sector and are proud to be the sole exclusive agent for both the civil and military configurations of the Dufour Aerospace Aero2 in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.



Dufour Aerospace

The combination of VTOL operation, aircraft design and software development expertise puts Dufour Aerospace at the forefront of Advanced Air Mobility, making future electric and hybrid electric aircraft a reality. The expert team includes former engineers from Airbus, Solar Impulse, Boeing and Google.

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Drone missions

  • Life-saving efficiency and versatility for long endurance search & rescue operations.
  • Efficient logistics or cargo transportation with fast turnaround automation.
  • Broad surveillance mission spectrum and high resolution instrument payload capability.

Dufour Aero2

Aero2 is a remotely piloted VTOL capable aircraft designed to aviation standards, offering high reliability and operational robustness. One single system allows to cover large areas – different to most applications used for mapping or surveillance today. The VTOL capability of the Aero2 means that no runway is required for launch or recovery.

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