Airbus H135T3 (OFF MARKET)

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About Aircraft

Year: 2018
Location: Europe
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  • OFF MARKET (Note that the helicopter portrayed in the photo is not the actual helicopter for sale)
  • Dual single pilot IFR certified
  • Dual cargo hook system
  • NVIS certification
  • EMS configuration
  • Low hours
The aircraft is operating, why the condition and component times will be subject to changes depending upon such operations.

Verification of the condition of the aircraft and its component times shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.


General equipment

  • Maintenance step on cabin roof, LH 
  • Multipurpose attachment points (5 ea.) integrated in the cabin 
  • Fuzz burners for engines 
  • Engine cowling heat protection 
  • Engine compressor wash kit 
  • Intet Barrier Filter (IBF) system 
  • Tinted sun shades for cockpit windshield roof section 
  • Sliding windows in sliding doors 
  • Window in clam-shell door LH 
  • IFR training screens, fixed provisions 
  • Ram air deflectors for sliding windows in cockpit doors 
  • Ram air deflectors for sliding windows in slinding doors 
  • Fuel Management system (Fuel flow meter) 
  • Ventilation enhancement for cockpit 
  • First aid kit 
  • Pedal cover for copilot flight controls
  • Engine fire extinguishing system 
  • Flashlight for co-pilot side 
  • Slant console (lncluded in baseline helionix aircraft) 
  • Centre console 
  • Avionics compartment 
  • Co-pilot flight controls, detachable parts 
  • 7″ co-pilot instrument panel with glare shield 

Specific mission equipment

  • Landing & search light (400 W I 200 W). NVG, fixed provisions 
  • Landing & search light (400 W / 200 W) – NVG, detachable provisions 
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (EL T) lntegra AF/AP (Kannad) Standard cockpit,cabin and cargo compartment – NVG 
  • Separation curtain for cockpit / cabin fixed provisions 
  • Separation curtain for cockpit / cabin detachable parts 
  • Snow skids, fixed provisions 
  • Lengthened skids 
  • Cargo hook mirrors RH, fixed provosions 
  • Medium height landing gear instead of standard landing gear 
  • Dual cargo hook system
  • Dual cargo hook system, CoPilot electrical release 
  • External hoist LH, fixed provisions 
  • “NVIS cetfitcation” Night vision lmaging System,(NVIS} certification. basic 
  • Cargo hook mirrors RH, detachable parts 
  • Dual cargo hook system, detachable parts

Interior & exterior


  • Configured for EMS


  • Tactical radio. fixed provisions, incl. antenna, power supply & intercom interface 
  • Digital Audio Control System (DACS), ACP53 (Cobham), pax 
  • Traffic Advisory System TAS620A (Avidyne), fixed provisions 
  • Traffic Advisory System TAS620A (Avidyne), detachable parts 
  • Wireless connectivity Connext (Garmin) 
  • Moving map EURONAV VII – RN7 (EuroAvionics), basic version 
  • Moving map EURONAV VII – RN7 (EuroAvionics), Iridium satcom module 
  • Moving map EURONAV VII – RN7 (EuroAvionics), GSM / UMTS module 
  • Moving map EURONAV VII – RN7 (EuroAvionics), FLARM module 
  • Electrical fixed provisions, 5 VDC, pilot 
  • Electrical fixed provisions, 5 VDC, copilot 
  • iPad mini holder, pilot 
  • iPad mini holder, copilot 
  • Health Monitoring System (HMS), fixed provisions 
  • Health Monitoring System (HMS), detachable parts
  • Avionics Package DP IFR GC GTN 750 Becker 
  • Digital Voice Control System (DACS), incl. ACP53 (Cobham),(pilot + co- pilot) 
  • Transponder GTX 33 ES (Garmin) 
  • Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) DME4000 (Rockwell Collins) Marker beacon receiver MKR3300-1 (Becker) 
  • GPS/NAV/COM GTN 750 (Garmin), pilot 
  • GPS/NAV/COM GTN 750 (Garmin), co-pilot 
  • Flight Display Subsystem (FDS), co-pilot 
  • Avionics Package DP IFR GC GTN Series interconnection I wiring 
  • Radar altimeter KRA 405B (Honeywell) 
  • Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System H-TAWS 
  • Synthetic Vision System (SVS) 
  • Additional Magnetometer 
  • Additional lnertial Measurement Unit (IMU) 
  • Co-pilot pilot static system 
  • 4-axis Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) 
  • Lightweight Aircraft Recording System (LARS) Alerts Vision 1000


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