Airbus H145 (OFF MARKET)

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About Aircraft

Year: 2018
Location: Europe
Asking price: Make Offer


  • OFF MARKET (Note that the helicopter portrayed in the photo is not the actual helicopter for sale)
  • Dual single pilot IFR certified
  • EMS configuration
  • Low hours
The aircraft is operating, why the condition and component times will be subject to changes depending upon such operations.

Verification of the condition of the aircraft and its component times shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.


General equipment

  • First aid kit
  • Copilot flight controls
  • 7″ copilot instrument panel with glare shield
  • Map case in copilot door
  • Additional electrical unit
  • Electrical Heating System
  • High visibility paint for main rotor blades
  • Cable cutter system, fixed provisions
  • Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) system, fixed provisions (Complete)
  • Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) Transmission Cowling Modification (Complete)
  • Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) Cowling Cover, detachable parts (Complete)
  • Fuzz burner for engines, main transmission and Fenestron gearbox
  • Improved engine cowling heat protection, LH
  • Improved engine cowling heat protection, RH
  • Cable cutter system, detachable parts
  • Pedal cover for copilot flight control

Specific mission equipment

  • Search & landing light, 400 W / 200 W
  • 2nd portable fire extinguisher
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
  • Separation curtain for cockpit / cabin, fixed provisions
  • Separation curtain for cockpit / cabin, washable, detachable parts
  • Standard cockpit, cabin and cargo compartment – NVG
  • SBAS RNP approach capability
  • Settling protectors, fixed provisions
  • Skid protectors (Ice-Claw)
  • External hoist, LH, fixed provisions
  • External hoist observation light, LH, fixed provisions
  • Tail flood light for clam-shell doors
  • White strobe lights
  • Emergency floats, fixed provisions

EMS equipment

  • EMS Fixed Provisions Package
  • Lengthened seat rails for copilot seat, fixed provisions
  • Multi-purpose fittings in cabin, LH
  • Multi-purpose fittings in cabin, RH
  • Attachment rails in cabin ceiling, reinforced
  • Clam-shell doors hinges, reinforced
  • Ventilation of aft avionic bay, fixed provisions
  • Multi-purpose attachment points at aft avionic bay
  • Two power sockets (28 VDC, 40 A) at aft avionic bay
  • Discrete signal interface for EMS illumination

Interior & exterior


  • Configured for EMS
  • Passenger seating, comes with 8 club seats (standard arrangement) 
  • 3/8 original seats have remained in the aircraft (in EMS configuration), 5/8 will be sold with the aircraft as spare seats.
  • Seats are exchangeable.
  • Height adjustable pilot seat instead of standard pilot seat (+ copilot)
  • Sealed cabin floor
  • External protection for cabin frame, LH
  • External protection for cabin frame, RH
  • One-hand latching system for clam-shell doors (ADAC – STC)


  • Avionics Package DP IFR GTN 750 
  • Digital Voice Control System (DVCS 6100), incl. ACU 6100 (Becker), pilot + copilot
  • Transponder GTX 33 (Garmin)
  • Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) DME-4000 (Rockwell Collins)
  • Marker beacon receiver MKR3300-1 (Becker)
  • GPS/NAV/COM GTN 750 (Garmin), pilot
  • GPS/NAV/COM GTN 750 (Garmin), copilot
  • Flight Display Subsystem (FDS), copilot
  • Avionics Package DP IFR GTN Series interconnection / wiring
  • Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (H-TAWS) – Helionix
  • Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder (CVFDR)
  • Lightweight Aircraft Recording System (LARS)
  • Synthetic Vision System (SVS) – Helionix
  • Tactical radio, fixed provisions, power supply (12 VDC) & intercom interface
  • Tactical radio, fixed provisions, antenna for frequency band tbc
  • GSM phone, fixed provisions, incl. antenna, power supply (28 VDC) & intercom interface
  • Color weather radar RDR 2000  (Honeywell), fixed provisions
  • Color weather radar RDR 2000 (Honeywell), radar radome
  • Traffic Advisory System TAS 620A (Avidyne)
  • Cabin panel, center
  • Cabin panel, center, cutout, FWD
  • Audio/Comm. Control unit ACU 6101 (Becker), PAX/3rd station
  • ADS-B out
  • Iridium satellite transceiver GSR 56 (Garmin)
  • Moving map EuroNav 7 – RN7CM (EuroAvionics), basic version
  • Health Monitoring System (HMS), fixed provision


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