Aviation law

Savback Helicopters offers consulting services within aviation law from our inhouse lawyers. The services ensure that your entire process follows all relevant legislations and regulations. This competence is necessary in order to cover all complex legal requirements of the transaction. Our specialized lawyers ensure that all contracts and documents comply with current legislation. By investing in legal consultation the client can rely on all transactions to be totally transparent and traceable. This investment keeps the client safe from risks and will also save a lot of time and money.

Our lawyers bring unique experience and extensive knowledge about the aviation industry to the table. The complete solution, combining solid expertise in aviation law with deep knowledge of helicopter sales, makes Savback a unique partner in your business process.

Savback also offers consultative services for clients who choose to use another broker for their sale or investment. Deals of this magnitude must follow all relevant regulations very carefully. We are here to help you and guarantee your satisfaction.

If you have any questions about legal matters and aviation law you are most welcome to contact us.

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