Consultant Michael Savbäck

Michael Savbäck founder of Savback Helicopters

Michael Savbäck is deeply involved in the global aviation industry and his personal competence makes him an invaluable advisor in matters of aviation business. With more than thirty years of experience combined with great passion and a never ending urge for development and improvement Michael holds world-class expertise.

As a consultant Michael functions as trusted advisor for companies, projects and nations in need of his special skills. Michael truly loves the aviation industry and puts his heart and soul into every mission he takes on.

Michael can assist in projects of building aviation infrastructure. His involved perspective and comprehension of details ensure that the project takes all necessary factors into consideration. The importance of correct calculations, staffing, salaries etc. cannot be stressed enough. Michael´s advice and consulting can be crucial for your success.

As management consultant Michael helps your business with strategic decisions to maximize the value and profit of your assets. Michael has extensive experience in analysis of fleets and can advise you on when to expand and when to sell off your helicopters to avoid costs. Michael can also assist with analysis and evaluation of business ideas and business opportunities.

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