Helicopter registration

Savback Helicopters can assist with registration and deregistration of your helicopter in Sweden. The registration process is demanding with complex regulations. Savback handles all paper work and contact with authorities. As a client you can rely on Savback as your partner throughout the process.

All history of the helicopter must be presented correctly in the registration process, including component lists and logbooks. Through our global network Savback has established solid relations and contacts to help us collect valid information from foreign authorities worldwide. To go through with the registration the entire traceability of the helicopter must be presented. All certificates and documents need to comply with current legislation for the registration to be implemented. Savback has the competence and experience needed to carry out this rigorous process.

Savback provides technicians and pilots for inspection of your helicopter. The registration process also includes an inspection by the Swedish Transportation Board.

For new helicopters Savback offers fixed pricing for this service. For previously owned helicopters Savback charges by the hour based on the history of the helicopter and circumstances of the case. There are no limitations to which helicopter models Savback can manage registration for.

The service is primarily offered for registration in Sweden but Savback can assist with competence for other countries case by case.

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