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With over thirty years of experience in the industry Savback Helicopters offers a complete solution for the sales process. We have a clear understanding of the demands and expectations of our customers. As a client you can have absolute confidence in our expertise regarding economic valuation, aviation law, marketing and negotiation.

Savback is internationally recognized as an extremely credible expert, deeply involved in the aviation industry. We adjust our service to meet your specific needs and Savback manages the whole sales process. Savback offers competence, transparency, resources and network.

Our specialized lawyers provide a safety net for our clients in terms of legal expertise. The lawyers handle all paper work and ensure that transactions and contracts are carried out correctly worldwide. We provide a safe and serious sales process. This aviation law solution is unique for the industry and Savback is very proud to offer this service to eliminate risks for our clients.

Savback handles all negotiation between seller and buyer. As a client you avoid the risk of conflict or cultural misunderstanding between parties since Savback takes care of the entire negotiation process. All financial transactions are secured and traceable. Savback uses escrow solutions when needed. Transparency and traceability are of utmost importance throughout the deal. Savback ensures this for all parties involved, nationally and worldwide.

Savback will market your helicopter internationally with credibility and efficiency. Our global network of pilots, technicians and brokers constitutes’ the keys to a successful sale. With over six hundred thousand fans on Facebook Savback holds the strongest marketing channel towards the specific target group of involved stakeholders, pilots and technicians in the industry. Posts on social media generate fast and positive response.

All helicopters are also promoted in strategic channels such as magazines, social media, online magazines and newsletters to approach the specific target group. You can always count on the accuracy of information on our marketplace for helicopters.

At Savback we care about our clients. Many of our clients return to us and some have stayed with us since the beginning, more than thirty years ago. Savback is a trusted advisor and our door is always open for you.

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