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Savback helicopters Sweden Bell 407 helicopter for sale

Savback Helicopters has a history of selling close to 900 helicopters over the years and we have solid competence in economic valuation. We have deep knowledge about the requirements and standards of the aviation industry.

An updated economic valuation keeps you informed about the resale value of your helicopter and is an important factor if you are planning to make a sale. The valuation of your helicopter is also essential for planning your economy and costs.

With more than thirty years of experience Savback is a world-class expert in valuation of both new and previously owned helicopters from all over the world. The valuation process includes administration of component lists and running time lists.

Savback is one of the most recognized experts in the helicopter industry and our professional assessment provides great credibility. After the valuation you will receive documents that certify the accuracy and reliability of the valuation. This is a consultant service with fixed pricing and no additional demands.

Whether you are a client of ours or not we can always help you with the economic valuation.

There are no limitations to the number of helicopters we can valuate. Savback performs valuations of single helicopters as well as whole fleets. Please contact us for a proposal to meet your request.

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