During our long-standing history in the aviation industry Savback Helicopters has built a unique network of specialized professionals all over the world. Savback can engage pilots, technicians and brokers worldwide. We also collaborate with service centers and suppliers of spare parts on the global arena.

Our network includes contacts with insurance companies and aviation schools. With strong ethics and professional approach Savback has managed to endure long term relations with key stakeholders in the industry. Savback is very well recognized internationally and a partnership with Savback opens up to vital contacts and opportunities.

This network enables Savback to offer local pilots for missions all over the world. Savback also has a global network of technicians and can supply contacts for on-site valuation in cases where the helicopter is situated far from the client. Each partner is handpicked by Savback and as a client you can rely on them to meet our high quality standards.

Regarding spare parts Savback can help clients find the right parts at the right price and assist with the negotiation and logistics. We spare our clients the uncomfortable price negotiations and the risk of coming across dishonest dealers. Reliability and quality is of utmost importance when Savback recommends a contact.

These services are offered by Savback to help save time and money for our clients. Our network is an incredible resource and we are happy to help our clients in any way we can.

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