The market for civil helicopters represents all general commercial uses for passenger and cargo transport.

This includes airlines providing regular scheduled services to remote communities or the transfer of personnel to and from shifts at industrial sites not readily accessible by other means of transport. Civil fleet operators also provide helicopter charter for extraordinary or project-related journeys such as management plant visits or supporting environmental or wildlife surveys in inhospitable regions or landscapes.

As a truly independent company we provide trusted advice on the selection of a new or pre-owned helicopter from all makes and models for deployment in offshore energy, commercial air transport and aerial work missions, with all the appropriate fit-out, conversion or refurbishment work carried out by our recommended completions providers. Savback also assist with selling civil mission-configured helicopters and both long- & short-term leasing solutions.




Offshore energy

Commercial air transport

Aerial work


Savback supplied helicopters have racked up countless flight hours in crew shift change, freight transport, medevac, search and rescue and logistics support to offshore oil and gas platforms.

Many of our new and pre-owned helicopters destined for high usage energy missions are equipped with safety features including: traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS), automatic voice alarm device (AVAD), external life rafts and automatic deployable emergency locator transmitters. For extended use over maritime environments the use of composite main rotor blades means longer corrosion-proof service life and contributes to lower maintenance costs.

Our helicopters deliver the performance and range to service and more recently support the decommissioning of existing exploration rigs and platforms, along with the extended range to enable flights to safely reach the increasing number of sites located further offshore in deeper water and more hostile environments. Our historical base close to the busy North Sea oil & gas basin – and now ideal offshore wind farm environment – has been partly responsible for our many connections in the sector.

We have many charter and scheduled helicopter airline fleet operators among our international client base. In these roles, helicopters are relied upon to provide a regular lifeline for island communities, tourism, special occasions and events or support for remote industrial or environmental research outposts. At Savback, we can provide new and pre-owned helicopters across all makes for commercial air transport missions.

Safety, reliability and running costs always being of equal importance to the business viability of commercial air transport services. We work with these customers to develop operations plans, maintenance schedules and airframe lifetime models. Our long-standing respect as consultant in the sector makes us a sought after partner to design and develop fleet planning models, upgrades, routes and infrastructure. Our knowledge and insight in licensing and regulation as well as our in-house legal counsel provides an additional asset when looking at identifying business opportunities for commercial air transport clients.

New and pre-owned helicopters can be fitted with new or retro-fitted interior configurations based on the number of pax and the nature of the service provided. The helicopters’ exterior may require to be custom painted with a striking airline brand livery. We will oversee all these projects personally with the specialist work being carried out by our trusted completions providers. You’ll profit from a partnership with us.

Our helicopters – both newly manufactured models and pre-owned have been deployed by clients worldwide for diverse aerial work duties. These include general external load transport ranging from installation of telecommunications masts, spires or prefabricated modules in high-rise construction or supporting operations at remote or inaccessible sites.

There are many aerial and load-hauling missions that only the versatility of a helicopter can perform and, in many cases, the window of opportunity for the flight may be dependent upon the environmental or weather conditions and season. Many of the latest models with load carrying capability have optimized hot and high performance for operations at sites in thinner air far above sea level and in tropical or equatorial temperatures.

Many newly manufactured and pre-owned models can be fitted with cargo hooks, high performance winches and supplementary auxiliary equipment to enable efficient operations on aerial work.

A helicopter is a potent firefighting asset, from dropping water and retardant to carrying cargo and crews. Helicopters can provide the means to safely monitor a fire from the air – acting as an airborne observation platform or providing the very latest information on the progress of an outbreak to fire crews and those directing operations. Helicopters have been fighting fires for eight decades and many operators around the world currently have aircraft serving in this role – keeping people, wildlife and property safe from the air.

In part due to the impact global warming, wildfires increasingly dominate news headlines and industry conversations. Today, wildfires are raging in many countries, threatening lives and livelihoods. The devastating forest and bushland wildfires of recent years have raised a need for the ability to combat major fires effectively.

The early, informed and coordinated action of firefighting by air can contribute to limit a fire from spreading, saving lives and property as well as limiting the wider economic and environmental damage caused by a wildfire. As well as speed of deployment in remote areas, in difficult to access populated regions, a helicopter can access steep, rocky or unsafe terrain before firefighting forces on the ground can gain access. A helicopter can uniquely provide a fast and direct means of delivering firefighters to create firebreaks ahead of an advancing fire or be deployed into challenging evacuations of at risk firefighting or other parapublic personnel.

In addition to offering independent advice and purchasing new firefighting platforms on your behalf from all leading brands, Savback can also procure and, through our partner network, refit new and pre-owned firefighting helicopters with firefighting equipment across a range of helicopter models and specifications.

Mayman Speeder AUV

The Speeder is ideal for rapid deployment to assess and tackle outbreaks.

• Transportable by first responders
• Can be swarmed
• All weather and visibility conditions
• No risk to flight crew
• 2-3 x faster than other aircraft

Learn more

If you are considering the many potential advantages of buying pre-owned, you need look no further. We are highly capable and experienced in specifying, sourcing and managing the route into service of all makes of pre-owned helicopters for civil roles. We always have a range of superb value pre-owned helicopters listed in our inventory that are suitable for immediate deployment or modification for specific civil missions.

As with other missions, we can also facilitate creative and ‘out of the’ box thinking-inspired international transactions for civil usage. This is something that only an experienced and independent company like Savback can put together, whereby the most up-to-date platforms for the available investment can be delivered through import and refitting of a rigorously sourced pre-owned airframe. This is enabled by our market intelligence, network and unrivalled access to diverse global markets and sectors. We will work closely with you to research and secure the ideal helicopter – whatever the challenges of your civil mission. Our unique in-house legal counsel will also ensure a smooth transfer of ownership and any registration, import or export documentation required.

Flexible leasing for Civil helicopters and fleets

For many years, we have been specialists in helicopter leasing, with long term plans available. Our lease fleet versatility enables us to frequently lease aircraft to other operators, corporate or governmental bodies (such as HEMS) as well as to individuals.

Helicopter leasing plans can be wet or dry. Wet leasing is an arrangement where we will provide an aircraft, complete crew, maintenance, and insurance to you. Dry leasing involves providing a lease with an aircraft but without a crew.



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