In addition to our aircraft military mission capability, we are also working on creating new partnerships with innovative defence OEMs and envelope-pushing start-ups. In the very near future, these alliances will provide military clients access to next generation technology-based aerospace projects and products, providing tactical advantage for the world’s armed forces.

We have a deep understanding of the protocols and procedures of defence procurement cycles. To further support military clients, our customer service team includes highly seasoned, serving and retired military aviation specialists.

Our aircraft experience includes military products and programmes deployed on battlefield and carrier-borne troop support sorties as well as evacuation, communications and SAR flights for naval, army and air forces in the Nordic region and beyond.





Established relationships with aircraft finishers and fit-out engineers mean we can add considerable value in the commissioning or reconfiguring of aircraft for military requirements – including engine or avionics upgrades, scheduled maintenance/AOG and the fitting of special mission equipment.

The benefits of global reach, market intelligence and business acumen enable us to provide insightful acquisition strategies for Civil Governments and military all around the world.

Savback now supports military clients globally in consulting tasks as well as assisting with specification and procurement of new and pre-owned helicopters, UAVs and VTOLs. In these new technologies, we have developed partnerships with some game-changing new market entrants, eager to tap into our networks and knowledge of military mission sales.


Surveillance drones are now delivering on the promise of low-cost safe monitoring through electric/hybrid propulsion, satellite communication control and data upload links. Both long-range ‘over the horizon’ strategic and tactical battlefield deployment have proven their usefulness beyond all doubt.

Always looking to the future, Savback has cleared the approach for the next wave of robotic ‘AI’ military aviation.

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Mayman Speeder AUV

Moving operators around the battlefield faster and more safely than other platforms. No weather or visibility limitations.

• Infil/Exfil
• Reconnaissance
• Rapid vertical movement

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