Public service agencies around the world count on the reliability, performance and efficiency of rotorcraft for their critical missions.

On call every day, Savback-supplied new and pre-owned helicopters are all equally ‘mission ready’ for parapublic service. Through our 35 years in the industry, we understand the nuances, protocols and procedures associated with the formal public procurement lifecycle. With our certified completion partners we will equip your helicopter with all the latest innovations in mission-critical gear you’ll need to do the job.





Law enforcement

Search & rescue

We have the expertize and experience to provide helicopters configured to deliver total capability to meet the task and operational challenges of all parapublic missions. Savback can also assist with selling parapublic mission-configured helicopters and both long- & short-term leasing solutions.

Parapublic mission completion may include:

  • Life support EMS, surveillance or search & rescue equipment such as infra-red cameras
  • Avionics installation/repair
  • Composite liner repair/refinishing
  • Seat repair/recovering
  • Cabinets/veneers
  • Custom carpet
  • Interior/exterior paint


  • We have developed technological partnerships with highly-skilled and innovative equipment fit-out specialists.
  • We focus on lean processes and efficiencies.
  • Our goal is total customer satisfaction and full flexibility to support your requirements.
  • Total quality assured and complete solutions based on long-term strategy and life-cycle approach.

Whatever the parapublic mission, we will work with you to optimise the equipment spec and oversee the installation to complete satisfaction.

When emergency medical assistance is needed, every second may count, making helicopters a unique life-preserving asset. Air ambulance operators are looking for operational reliability, speed and flexibility plus the vital support of a strong network of after-sales service. All leading makers naturally offer these market models that are designed specifically for HEMS missions.

These helicopters all provide spacious and efficient cabin volume, height and layout, low levels of vibration, speed, agility as well as the ability to land almost anywhere. As independent consultants we can provide advice and guidance on the pros and cons of each of these.

At Savback, in addition to state of the art new-builds, we also provide good value new and pre-owned HEMS helicopters through international transactions and refitting.

We provide police and customs & excise helicopter mission customization, based on the best and most cost-effective solutions available, to satisfy the expectations of all types of homeland security clients and operators. Our expertize and that of our completions partners extends across mission configuration design and oversight, installation, and integration of surveillance equipment such as night vision cameras as well as avionic packages to meet specific mission requirements.

Our specialized partner’ teams are able to oversee installation of customized kits or equipment. Furthermore, our knowhow extends to all key elements including cabin design and ergonomics, auxiliary equipment as well as vibration and acoustic control. Perfect to patrol, protect and pursue.

Our 35+ years’ industry experience and successful track record in this sector means that, as well as providing the very latest and best equipped new law enforcement helicopters from all manufacturers, we can also provide high-spec good value new and pre-owned homeland security mission-equipped helicopters through international transactions and refitting.

For those in peril, at sea or on land, search & rescue helicopters provide hope – with pilot and crew often pitted against the toughest of odds. Range, ruggedness and resilience in the harshest operational conditions are all requirements of a reliable and robust search and rescue helicopter. At Savback, we have relationships with all manufacturers as well as sourcing new and pre-owned helicopters for SAR mission conversion. Auxiliary search & rescue fit-out may include specialist sonar scanning equipment, enhanced vision cameras, life support facilities and winches.

As with other mission-specific refits, through our specialist partners, we will support you with advising and sourcing the optimum make and model for completion or conversion into a robust search & rescue asset and provide you with the trusted connections to complete the SAR mission refitting process as a seamless turnkey project.

Mayman Speeder AUV

The Speeder can transfer injured or sick people rapidly and safely in and out of confined areas – in all flight modes.

• No risk to flight crew when unmanned
• Can be swarmed
• Operate in conditions impossible for other aircraft

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Dufour Aero2

VTOL capability combined with long-range, high-speed functionality ensures Aero2 is the ideal search platform to support today’s rescue operations in oceans, mountains and deserts, increasing SAR efficiency significantly. Compatibility with modern SAR gimbals and additional sensor payloads means the Aero2 is perfect for long endurance search applications.

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Dufour Aero3

The Aero3 has been designed to transport patients between hospitals by being more efficient and operating at a significantly lower cost than other aircraft. Fast access to remote locations will help transport patients to a suitable hospital as quickly as possible, ideal in cases of serious trauma injuries where action within the golden hour is key to patient outcome.

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In addition to new helicopters of all makes and models, we can provide the perfect pre-owned package. We always have several specialized parapublic mission configured helicopters in our inventory. Please see our latest featured helicopters below.

Moreover, we can also architect international transactions whereby the most up-to-date platform for the available investment can be delivered through import and refitting of a preowned airframe. This is enabled by our market intelligence, network and unrivalled access to diverse global markets and sectors as well as Off-Market helicopters.

Flexible leasing for Parapublic helicopters and fleets

For many years, we have been specialists in helicopter leasing, with long term plans available. Our lease fleet versatility enables us to frequently lease aircraft to other operators, corporate or governmental bodies (such as HEMS) as well as to individuals.

Helicopter leasing plans can be wet or dry. Wet leasing is an arrangement where we will provide an aircraft, complete crew, maintenance, and insurance to you. Dry leasing involves providing a lease with an aircraft but without a crew.



Featured parapublic helicopters


155 kts
600 NM





Bell 412EP


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