Our network enables us to offer you a global source of local technicians and can supply contacts for on-site technical inspections in situations where the aircraft is located far from your location.

A recent and currently ongoing challenge has been the Covid-19 travel restrictions, making aircraft inspections difficult. We have, in several cases, been able to overcome this by having one of our consultants perform the inspection on behalf of the purchaser and send them a report afterwards. This is something we expect to utilize more in the future, with presence and co-operations in several countries in order to reduce traveling for customers.


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We are pleased to offer cost-efficient management and inspection competencies through PRIMUS AERO.

Our technical services which, through our extensive network, can be provided at remote locations almost anywhere in the world include audits and inspections required during the buying and selling process. Giving you both convenience and peace of mind.

We offer this service for both new and pre-owned aircraft. We provide independent ‘brand neutral’ factory acceptance inspections of new aircraft.


  • Assess base condition of pre-owned aircraft and documentation.
  • Establish operator/lessee pre-owned aircraft complies with regulatory requirements and contractual obligations.
  • Monitor the pre-owned aircraft and operator during lease period to ensure contractual and regulatory compliance (Asset Protection).
  • Carry out lease-end inspection performance at redelivery.
  • Prepare pre-owned aircraft for immediate remarketing.


  • Report on whether the condition of the pre-owned aircraft meets client’s expectations.
  • Audit and verify completeness of aircraft documentation and compliance with customer’s and aviation regulatory body of importation.

Acceptance Inspections

  • Ensure all deficiencies found in the pre-purchase technical inspection have been completed.
  • Check that the pre-owned aircraft and documentation is in accordance with the contract of sale.
  • Arrange flight test and ferry flight.
  • Transfer of ownership and registration process, transport and import clearance process management.
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Aviation law

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