New eVTOLs

Looking to the future, we are huge advocates for eVTOLs. Electric propulsion is the key enabler here and offers energy efficiency of 90% compared to 40% for internal combustion engines. Electric motors have fewer parts than conventional engines and therefore require less maintenance while offering high reliability and safety. Due to their comparatively smaller size, electric motors and drives can be positioned right where the power is needed, without the need to install complex geared transmissions.

Using a hybrid approach and charging batteries while in flight can also compensate for the fact that currently available battery technology does not yet provide the energy density necessary for long-range missions.

The coming years will be revolutionary for the aviation industry, as we enter into a phase of enhanced innovation and safety. Savback fully believes in the huge potential and multi-mission opportunities of the eVTOL market sector, and we’re proud to be the sole exclusive agent for the Dufour Aero3 tilt-wing eVTOL in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.




Dufour Aerospace

The combination of VTOL operation, aircraft design and software development expertise puts Dufour Aerospace at the forefront of Advanced Air Mobility, making future electric and hybrid electric aircraft a reality. The expert team includes former engineers from Airbus, Solar Impulse, Boeing and Google.

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Hybrid-electric VTOL missions

  • Designed to efficiently transport patients between hospitals on EMS missions.
  • For Advanced Air Mobility, hybrid-electric VTOLs integrate seamlessly into today’s airspace structure, airport infrastructure and flight procedures.
  • Cargo carrying capacities and fast turnaround times make hybrid-electric VTOLs an efficient link in modern supply chains.

Dufour Aero3

Aero3 is designed to respond to the requirements of both today’s helicopter operations and tomorrow’s advanced air mobility markets. As a tilt-wing aircraft, it is extremely versatile, efficient, and safe. Combining the best features of both helicopters and aeroplanes.

At Savback we’ve seen the future – and it works.

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