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We are passionate about light private helicopters and the advances being made in design, safety and navigation systems.

The coming years will be revolutionary for the helicopter industry as we enter into a phase of enhanced innovation and safety. As such, we have made a firm commitment to the light private helicopter market sector and are excited and proud to be the sole exclusive distributor for Zefhir helicopters in Southeast Asia, Northern Europe and CIS States as well as the exclusive sales representative for the Konner K2 Italia and K1-S19 in the Nordic countries, United Kingdom (including British Isles) and Republic of Ireland.


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Innovative and disruptive. The safety ballistic parachute makes this product truly unique in its segment.

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Light private helicopters are going to revolutionize the way we think of flying: using the latest aeronautical, engineering and avionics technologies to deliver safe personal vertical air transport. As countries are realigning their regulations, the possibilities are growing and the market is readying for the next step in personal flight convenience.

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With a deep knowledge of the legislative landscape governing the category across Europe & beyond, we are perfectly placed to advise you on the opportunities and limitations currently in place in your area of operation.

Next Generation Aircraft

The Konner K2 Italia is more than just an aircraft; it’s a symbol of progress and innovation.

The helicopter showcase a cutting-edge HFA system—Hybrid Flight Assistance. This pioneering system engages an additional electric engine in the event of an engine failure, presenting a paramount safety feature that eliminates the risk associated with the traditional “Dead Man’s Curve” for the pilot.

We are proud to represent the next generation of light private helicopters as the preferred distribution partner of the leading and innovative brands – Zefhir, Konner K2 Italia & Konner K1-S19.

Part of Italian group Curti Industries, Curti Aerospace has been involved in the manufacturing and production of parts and assemblies for helicopters for over 40 years.

The Zefhir

Borne out of a passion for aeronautics, Curti Aerospace has entirely designed and built the first completely innovative two seater helicopter with a turbine engine. The Zefhir represents the perfect synthesis between competence and intuition, matching state-of-the-art materials and technology with the passion for flying which is deeply rooted in the Curti Aerospace DNA.
The development of enhanced helicopter safety is the result of the DISRUPT project, promoted by the European Commission. The Zefhir blends exclusive ‘Made in Italy’ style with an ‘advanced engineer’ approach to deliver the ultimate flying experience.

With a breakthrough safety system, the Zefhir raises the bar considerably in safety and performance in the new-born 600 kg ultralight category. The innovative and disruptive ballistic parachute, as well as the overall attention to safety in the design, manufacturing and validation processes, are the key elements of this helicopter.

Customers will appreciate Zefhir’s elegant Italian design, the powerful turboshaft engine, the comfortable and stylish interiors, the efficient, high-inertia and silent rotors as well as the large luggage van.

Konner is based in Amaro, in the Italian province of Udine, 25 miles north of the provincial capital. The company was founded in 2002 by Sergio Bortoluz, whose vision was to create both the TK250 engine and the helicopters themselves.

To date the company has produced 30 helicopters, and these are being flown in Italy, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Chile, Australia and Russia. Konner has consistently displayed at the well-known GA event Aero Friedrichshafen for the last ten years


Beyond the spin.

Piloting your own light private helicopter gives you ultimate control, putting time on your side and setting you free from constraints and convention. Isn’t it time you went up in the world?

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