Urban and Advanced Air Mobility

The ‘flying cars’ - for decades only driven in the imagination of science-fiction writers and moviemakers- have almost become a reality. Advances in hybrid and pure electric drives, battery performance, light-weight structural materials and intelligent autonomous safety controls mean you will soon be to hail an air-taxi to, or from, the airport or city centre destination.

At Savback, we have seen this coming for some time and are very excited for the future potential of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Our consulting insights in operations and infrastructure perfectly positions us to identify the initial opportunities for these new aerial vehicles, and we have been an early mover in partnering with manufacturers developing passenger-carrying drone designs.




With safety, sustainability and opportunity as our guiding principles, we are now working on a number of ‘next generation’ initiatives that we believe will reinvent the eVTOL market. Partnering with Dufour Aerospace to market the Aero3 demonstrates the confidence that we have in the future of eVTOLs and in particular, the ‘electric dreams’ of Urban and Advanced Air Mobility.

Electric propulsion will make UAM a reality. However, we see the most potential in Regional Air Mobility as opposed to inner-city flights. Combining the ability to take-off and land vertically with long-range and high-speed will ensure new aircraft like the Dufour Aerospace Aero3 will be attractive for customers and operators alike.

We are passionate about the incredible advances being made in design, safety and navigation systems. We can assist in planning aviation infrastructure where our involved perspective and understanding of practical detail ensures that the project takes all necessary factors into consideration.

Dufour Aerospace

The combination of VTOL operation, aircraft design and software development expertise puts Dufour Aerospace at the forefront of Advanced Air Mobility, making future electric and hybrid electric aircraft a reality. The expert team includes former engineers from Airbus, Solar Impulse, Boeing and Google.

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Dufour Aero3

Aero3 is designed to respond to the requirements of both today’s helicopter operations and tomorrow’s advanced air mobility markets. As a tilt-wing aircraft, it is extremely versatile, efficient, and safe. Combining the best features of both helicopters and aeroplanes.

At Savback we’ve seen the future – and it works.

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