Naturally, our independent standpoint means we can provide new or pre-owned helicopters from all leading brands for deployment in VIP missions including corporate, lifestyle and adventure missions.

Helicopters are the ideal complement for private fixed-wing aviation. The unique capabilities of vertical take-off and landing facilitating hassle-free, direct door to door business, family or personal connections and discreet luxury-lifestyle travel. This allows you to move seamlessly between offices, meetings, houses, yachts, hotels or even to remote vacations or adventures.







We offer a specialized service to assist you if you are looking to acquire a helicopter for private or corporate use, providing peace of mind and end-to-end experience. Savback can also assist with selling VIP mission-configured helicopters and both long- & short-term leasing solutions.

Let’s face it, no-one knows what’s around the corner. Agility and swiftness of reaction and the ability to adapt to change is cited by many successful entrepreneurs and dynamic businesses as the single most important factor in their winning strategies. What better flexibility-providing transport is there than a state-of-the-art, safe, robust, comfortable, fuel-efficient and mission-ready new or pre-owned corporate helicopter.

We are the only partner you need for your future corporate helicopter acquisitions. Our dedicated team of experienced sales, technical and legal experts will negotiate on your behalf. We’ll manage the full acquisition process from beginning to end: contracts, inspections, reconfigurations, maintenance, delivery and registration of your new aircraft. Ready for your business to really take off.

Our lifestyle helicopter service will immerse you in the ultimate in customer care, surround you with the best quality materials, transport you in aspirational interiors and keep you safe and connected with innovative avionics and communications solutions.

Our team will help define your criteria according to your specific lifestyle requirements. Through our extensive global network we’ll source the best helicopters suited to your needs including models not yet on the market. Once indemnified, we’ll assist you in every step of the acquisition process; technical, financial, administrative – taking care of the entire process right up to delivery.

When it comes to personalization, we will help there too. We can advise on the design and fit-out of your helicopter to suit your tastes, connecting you with fit-out partners who will optimize the interiors space including seating configuration, paint scheme, entertainment and on-board equipment. Whatever your vision, we’ll advise you on the selection of designers, craftspeople and technical specialists who can make the ‘extraordinary’ happen.

Whatever your destination, an adventure-equipped helicopter can take you there. From desert valleys to icy mountain peaks, experience the world from a new perspective and see some of its most remote and beautiful places.

An adventure-configured helicopter can include features to appeal to all outdoor enthusiasts, commercial photographers, charter operators and owners looking to explore beyond city limits. We can advise on options for adopting a flexible interior designed to allow for quick change-up between work and play. Skip the airport and head for adventure. Please contact us to find out how we can help.

Zefhir Ultra-light

The Zefhir represents the perfect synthesis between competence and intuition, matching state-of-the-art materials and technology with the passion for flying which is deeply rooted in the Curti Aerospace DNA.

Customers will appreciate Zefhir’s elegant Italian design, the powerful turboshaft engine, the comfortable and stylish interiors, the efficient, high-inertia and silent rotors as well as the large luggage van.

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Current market forces mean there has never been a better time to buy a pre-owned helicopter for private or business use. There are many helicopters from all classes on the market. In fact, so many possibilities that deciding which is the best deal for you is something you may seek our help with. We’ll give you independent advice on your pre-owned purchase, weigh up your options and offer our unbiased opinion on opportunities. Whether you are looking for a late model, current generation aircraft or iconic design classic from the original Jetset era, there’s many to choose from. When it comes to really making it your own, we can guide you on custom painting, graphics, cabin interior design and refitting as well as avionics upgrades to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

What’s more, we’ll oversee the whole acquisition process for you. What could be simpler?

Flexible leasing for VIP helicopters and fleets

For many years, we have been specialists in helicopter leasing, with long term plans available. Our lease fleet versatility enables us to frequently lease aircraft to other operators, corporate or governmental bodies (such as HEMS) as well as to individuals.

Helicopter leasing plans can be wet or dry. Wet leasing is an arrangement where we will provide an aircraft, complete crew, maintenance, and insurance to you. Dry leasing involves providing a lease with an aircraft but without a crew.



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