Savback Helicopters signs Letter of Intent with Mayman Aerospace for 25 Speeders.

5 December 2022

Savback Helicopters, the independent helicopter and fixed-wing sales specialist, announced today the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) with US-based manufacturer of the innovative Speeder Air Utility Vehicle (AUV), Mayman Aerospace for the purchase and sale of 25 Speeder units. The agreement positions Savback as the first civilian customer and heralds a new era for compact high-speed vertical take-off and landing operations in Europe.


Based on the list price, the deal is valued at US$45 million. Savback chairman, Michael Savback, anticipates Speeder’s core attributes, including its incredible maneuverability, high-speed and heavy payload capabilities, will be extremely attractive to military customers in the Scandinavian region. “The Speeder is an outstandingly versatile machine. We are proud to announce our intent to add this advanced technology to our existing portfolio. This aircraft is well placed to satisfy the growing needs of our military forces for vehicles that can support contested logistics, casevac and cargo missions in minimal time with maximum reliability. The autonomously piloted Speeder reduces human risk and strengthens existing fleet proficiencies; it’s a winning formula all around.”

The new deal strengthens the existing relationship between the two pioneering companies. Savback Helicopters was appointed as the exclusive marketing and sales representative for Speeder in the Nordic countries in June 2022, and the signed LOI confirms its confidence in Speeder.

“This is a milestone moment for Speeder development as it demonstrates there is a real need for this disruptive, powerful technology. Michael Savback’s understanding of and vision for the operational potential of the aircraft highlights the game-changing capabilities of Speeder. We always planned to change how the world thinks about flying. The addition of Speeder AUVs to the Savback portfolio demonstrates that we have begun to achieve this goal,” says David Mayman, CEO and founder of Mayman Aerospace.

Comparable to a quadbike in size, the Speeder is being designed and modelled to lift 1000 lbs and fly 400 miles at over 500 mph in unpiloted cargo mode. The company is currently working closely with the FAA toward flight certification. Initial test flights will be remotely controlled, with piloted tests anticipated towards the end of Q4 2023.  Faster and more powerful than electric drones and eVTOLs, smaller and dramatically less expensive than a helicopter and powered by regular, Zero Net Carbon or Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Speeder AUV defines an entirely new class of aircraft. The modular designed technology enables economies of production scale over a very short timeline.

About Mayman Aerospace

Mayman Aerospace, a JetPack Aviation Corporation brand, is developing the Speeder Air Utility Vehicle for Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) applications.

The company’s Speeder engineering is fundamentally changing how designers and customers think about small VTOL flight. New and never-before-imagined applications are rapidly emerging for this disruptive technology. Speeders are compact, fast, powerful, and long-range and can fly in autonomous, remote, or piloted configurations in challenging environments and weather where other aircraft may be grounded. No other technology can claim all of these achievements in one single aircraft.

Mayman Aerospace is working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration, the US Department of Defense and industry-leading companies in critical cargo (offshore energy), wildland firefighting (air tankers), and disaster recovery (critical supplies, search and rescue, and medevac) sectors.

A new era of high-performance VTOL flight is dawning, and Mayman Aerospace is leading the way with its Speeder Air Utility Vehicle

About The Speeder
Speeder is a multi-mission, jet-powered VTOL Air Utility Vehicle designed for demanding defense, firefighting, critical cargo, disaster recovery and complex special missions. Its compact size enables easy transport and rapid deployment. Speeder is always mission ready, even in adverse weather or environmentally austere conditions that would ground a helicopter, drone or eVTOL aircraft.

Speeder’s unique engine configuration enables the aircraft to move heavy payloads within a reduced footprint compared to other airframes, including helicopters. The rapidly deployable aircraft is less expensive and simpler to maintain than a rotary-wing platform. In-field component repair is quick and easy due to the plug-and-play propulsion systems.

The heavy-lift power and high-speed transition capabilities, combined with optionally piloted operation, means Speeder is the logical choice for the most hazardous, complicated, and critical missions.

Speeder is designed and modelled to lift 1000 lbs. and fly 400 miles at over 500 mph (unpiloted cargo mode).

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