Sikorsky Firehawk

Savback Helicopters provides fully operational Firehawk helicopters with supplemental type certificate (STC).

With its established design, the Sikorsky Firehawk is capable of enduring the rigorous physical demands required for aerial firefighting and utility missions.

The Sikorsky Firehawk is a formidable aerial firefighting and utility helicopter that boasts a proven design. Its robust construction enables it to endure the extreme physical stresses demanded by firefighting and utility missions, providing operators with the confidence they need to perform their duties effectively.

Package include: 

  • New paint to including, exterior, Interior floor, Pilot, Co Pilot seating, drive shafts, front avionics bay.
  • All Perspex windows
  • 5006/16 PMI phase inspection and 48 Month inspections carried as per MM

Project Timeline

  • Assessment of Requirement
  • Refurbishment Work
  • Certification
  • Customization
  • Delivery
  • Pilot & Maintenance Training
  • On-going Support

Garmin 750Xi layout

Avionics Installed:

  • Garmin 750 TXI, Garmin 500TXI
  • USB, VHF, and special forces radios installed.
  • Helicopter configured to 2 pilot IFR

Excess wiring removed & Interior stripped ready for inspection


Equipped with advanced technologies and game-changing capabilities, the Firehawk can rapidly transport water and fuel to the scene of a fire, maximizing the time spent battling the blaze. Its impressive range and endurance make it ideal for extended missions in remote areas, ensuring that firefighting efforts can be sustained for as long as needed.

Overall, the Sikorsky Firehawk is a powerful and adaptable helicopter that sets the standard for aerial firefighting and utility missions. Its proven track record and advanced capabilities make it a trusted choice for operators who demand nothing but the best.

Finished helicopter ready for delivery to customer

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