Savback Helicopters appointed distributor for Konner across 7 countries

27 November 2023

Savback Helicopters, the independent helicopter and fixed-wing sales specialist, announced today the signing of a Distributorship Agreement with Italian-based manufacturer Konner Helicopters.


Savback is now the Exclusive Sales Representative to sell the turbine-engined K1-S19 and K2 helicopters across the Nordic region (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland) as well as the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Sales will be handled from both Savback’s headquarters in Sweden and their UK office at Nottingham Heliport.

The two types produced by Konner Helicopters and fly under Ultralight airframe regulations (depending on the country of operation) are intended for private owners.  Good progress is being made in gaining approval in more countries in order to widen the appeal of these helicopters.

As European Rotors 2023 opens in Madrid, Konner Helicopters is displaying both models, making a significant presence on stand 533 in Hall 9. Last year at the 2022 event in Cologne, the company successfully displayed the K1-S19 model and were very impressed at the quality and number of visitors as European Rotors gains its place as Europe’s largest helicopter exhibition, and second only in global terms to HAI’s Heli-Expo.

Central to both models is the proprietary TK-250 turboshaft engine. Running on diesel, biodiesel, JP-1, or JP-4 fuel options, the TK-250 has full FADEC (full authority digital engine control) to automatically manage the engine functionality and provide peace of mind for the pilot. The TK-250 is one of the very few turboshaft engines designed with both the fixed- and rotary- wing markets in mind. TK-250 has been intentionally developed for both markets in such a way that it could be used by either, with very little modifications and software setup.

The Konner helicopter models also feature the very innovative HFA system – Hybrid Flight Assistance.  This additional electric engine is switched on in the situation of an engine failure – a significant safety feature which completely removes the “Dead Man’s Curve” risk factor for the pilot.

Savback Helicopters has purchased a K1-S19 demonstrator aircraft, which is scheduled for delivery in March 2024.

Konner K1-S19

The Konner K1-S19 is a two seat helicopter powered by the Konner TK-250 turboshaft engine, rated at 250shp. With a carbon fibre fuselage, the K1-S19 has a three-blade semi-articulated composite main rotor with a bearingless head. Keeping within the ultralight category, the K1-S19 has a maximum take-off weight of 1323lb (600kg), and an empty weight of 771lb (350kg). A 150 litre fuel capacity, and a cruise speed of 115kts (132.3mph) gives the K1-S19 a maximum range of 200nm (370.4km).

The K1-S19 has ultralight category approval in Germany, Sweden and Finland.

Konner K2

Konner also produces the four-seat K2 model, powered by a 270shp version of the same TK-250 engine. Developed from customer demand for more generous dimensions over the K1-S19, this model has a four-blade semi-articulated main rotor system with composite blades and a bearingless head. Cruising at 130 kts (150 mph), an impressive range of 325 nm (602 Km) is achieved. Similar to the K1-S19, the K2 also features a carbon fibre fuselage.

About Konner Helicopters

Konner is based in Amaro, in the Italian province of Udine, 25 miles north of the provincial capital. The company was founded in 2002 by Sergio Bortoluz, whose vision was to create both the TK250 engine and the helicopters themselves.  To date the company has produced 30 helicopters, and these are being flown in Italy, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Chile, Australia and Russia. Konner has consistently displayed at the well-known GA event Aero Friedrichshafen for the last ten years.


Konner K1-S19 and K2 helicopters (photo credit: Konner Helicopters)

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